Friday, January 27, 2017

Draculaura Would Love It

This recently completed cowl and hat set reminds me of the colours worn by Monster High's Draculaura. I shall refrain from naming it that though since I don't want to invite licencing related law suits.

I had been babysitting my 7 year old granddaughter one day and after a lengthy session of "Monster High", where I was assigned the Draculaura doll, I had had enough and just needed a quiet evening weaving. As a child I happily played Barbie's for hours on end. My tolerance as an adult is considerably less.  

As supper cooked I wound a warp. In the early evening I got the warp threaded and sleyed and then later transferred to the loom and beamed, tied on, and tensioned. 

It wasn't until I had woven a few inches that I suddenly realized what the warp was reminding me of!

Draculaura of course! Her default outfit is raspberry pink and black. D'oh! 

Despite my initial aversion I carried on, and I must say I am very pleased with the result.

The hat and cowl are listed separately at my Etsy shop, Wovenflame.


Gene Black said...

Sometimes inspiration seeps in quietly on little cat feet. It sounds like that is what happened to you.

dynnamae n said...

I love these colors and they both turned out so pretty.

Marlene said...

It does, doesn't it Gene. I heard it said once that no one creates in a vacuum, that they have always picked up some sort of inspiration along the way, sometimes unknowingly.

Thanks dynnamae. I'm quite pleased with it.