Sunday, January 22, 2017

Several Months Later

I have finally finished the work on a couple of hats I wove back in November.

Hat 1

These are from the same warp as the "Stupendous" cowl which was sold at the Chilliwack Christmas Craft Fair.

                                     Stupendous, 1 & 2

The two hats are quite similar, both having come from the same warp, but their brims are different shades of blue. 

                         Hat 2

The hats weren't ready at the time of the sale. They needed their knitted brims done and a few ends sewn in here and there.

                                    Stupendous, 1 & 2

I was getting a cowl and 2 hats from each 6 metre warp. I've since shortened this type of warp so that it makes a cowl and just one hat.

                              Hat 1


Gene Black said...

I need to learn to knit the bands so I can make this type of hat. I just don't enjoy knitting that much.
I am still curious though as to how you join the knitted brims. (You have probably told me already and I have forgotten.)

Marlene said...

I used to knit all the time Gene, in fact I was 1/3 way finished the Master Knitters certification before a dratted history report brought me to my knees. (I have always despised reading about history). But now that I'm weaving, like you, I don't enjoy knitting as much.

I don't knit the brim separately. I pick up stitches along the face edge of the woven hat and knit from there. I pick up the stitches in the weft loop along the edge, but behind the outermost warp thread so that the weft loop doesn't pull free. I choose to knit my brims about 2" long, but of course that is up to each individual weaver/knitter's preference.