Monday, January 09, 2017


2017 is off to a great start. I've made some important commitments to better health and one week in it is going well and I am feeling very positive about the improvements I'm making.

I've had a birthday since my last blog post. Among other things I received some wonderful yarny goodness as gifts. This huge ball of "Crazy Zauberball" was a most generous gift from my sister-in-law. It will likely find it's way into a special weaving. I haven't yet decided exactly what. It is too precious to waste so I will put some thought into where I'll go with that one.

Birthday presents

The next three items are all skeins of "Socks That Rock" yarn hand dyed in a palindrome manner. These were a birthday gift from my husband.  I will use all three to weave scarves in a Faux Ikat fashion. I spent some time today preparing the first skein for the loom.

STR "Carnival" for palindrome painted warp effect woven scarf.

It requires some special handling to get the colours to pool and mimic IKAT dyeing. More on that in a future post.

STR "A Room Without a Roof" for palindrome painted warp effect woven scarf.

STR "Black to the Fuchsia" for palindrome painted warp effect woven scarf.


Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Very nice gifts, the kind of gifts I love to get, creative ones. I look forward to see whatever becomes of these.

Gene Black said...

Wow, great gifts! Do they know you that well or do you have a wish list for them to work from?

I am curious to see how you do the warp for faux ikat design. Is very much yarn wasted in that process?

Marlene said...

Thanks Joanne. When family members ask what I would like as a gift I often say "yarn". They look in my weaving room and see my existing stashed yarns and wonder how I could possibly need more yarn. But I DO! Each new skein or ball adds to the possibilities for future creations. I don't need a lot of any one thing, just lots of variety. I got some yarn for Christmas too. ALL very much appreciated and cherished.

Yes they do know me quite well Gene. My sister-in-law was with me when I bought a ball of Crazy Zauberball as a souvenir of a visit to my old home town. She saw how I consider it a splurge to spend so much on a single ball of yarn and obviously remembered. And my husband? Well he knows me well enough to realize a "surprise" is not necessary and he suggested I order myself some much desired yarn as my birthday gift from him. He would never trust himself to choose hobby related supplies for me, just as I need help if I am to buy a power tool for him as a gift.

Marlene said...

There can be waste Gene, yes, but it all depends on how well your skein matches your needed warp length. I'll be writing more on that in a later post.

Erin said...

Hi I am new to weaving found your blog! Thanks for all info it is helpful to me! I have a ridge heddle to start to learn before I progress to anything else!

Marlene said...

Rigid heddle looms are great Erin. I have a couple myself. I hope you have found and joined one or more of the many weaving forums on Ravelry. They are excellent sources of information.