Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Like Riding a Bicycle

After taking up knitting for the second time (She first learned a little when she was very young)

Knitting once more.

My ten year old granddaughter is very happy to discover that even after all these years she still retained some of the knowledge.

Knitting once more.

She claims it is "just like riding a bike. You never really forget how." She's doing a wonderful job. I'm very proud of her. She says, "I knit and I'm proud", like the lyrics in this YouTube video.


PJ said...

YES! I love it!!! I was her age when I taught myself knitting!

Marlene said...

You taught yourself at that age PJ? That's wonderful! I was taught by my mother when I was seven years of age. I had been begging to learn since the age of two or three. Mom tried to teach me spool knitting instead but I didn't want anything to do with it because it wasn't "real" knitting in my mind. After that I sat for four or five years at my mother's and grandmother's side, silently observing while they knit, and by the time I was officially taught I already knew how. I pretty much just had to be handed the needles with the cast on already done.

Gene Black said...

I wish I had learned to knit at a young age. I did learn to crochet - and years can go by and I can still pick up yarn and a hook and crochet. (but I confess that I had to look up how to read the directions - the abbreviations, as in knitting are very easy to forget.)

Marlene said...

Although I have so many different fibre related interests that I don't knit a lot at the moment, Gene, I am very happy that I learned while young. I have passed many a pleasant hour peacefully knitting. I have been knitting and reading knitting patterns for decades so only the most obscure knitting abbreviations have to be looked up.