Thursday, October 19, 2017

Challenging Challenge

This should be interesting, --- challenging even! 😟

Our guild's year end challenge is to make something that passes guild standards and uses three colours we choose blindly from a grab bag of crayons. To pass guild standards an item must be handwoven or hand felted, or if knit or crocheted must be made from handspun yarn.

Some lucky members ended up with 3 colours that went together so well that you'd have thought they were peeking. One got white and two shades of purple. I'd have loved that one! Another had three shades of orange that all went well together. Me? I got brown, spring green, and goldenrod.

Goldenrod and brown aren't exactly colours I'd ever pick on my own. Spring green seems okay, but might be hard to combine with the other two. The rules for the challenge state that the chosen colours have to make up 60% of the article. So I CAN incorporate other colours, but the three colours I drew from the bag must make up more than half of the project. It IS okay, according to the rules, to have only one of those colours represent most of the 60% with only small touches of the others.

Wish me luck? Please?


Gene Black said...

Those should actually work quite well together. If you are weaving you can use the brown for the warp with just a few pops of the goldenrod. Then use all three for weaving and add some orangey reds as a zinger color.
We did a color challenge that we drew the colors for at a retreat and I was amazed at how well it worked out - plus it stretched my color usage.

Marlene said...

Orangey reds as a zinger hey Gene? Hmm. I'll try that when I do a colour wrapping as a trial of various colour ideas. I've also had a suggestion of blue, which surprised me but I'll try it none-the-less.

Although I liked some of the colour combinations that other guild members drew better, I think in the long run my selection will be better for me. I'll learn more, I'll be more challenged since they are not colours I normally would choose and I'll have to step outside my comfort zone.

Julianne said...

I like using to play with color schemes. Click on the custom option first so you can adjust things. You can google the hex codes for the colors you are required to use and then play.

Marlene said...

Thanks Julianne. I gave the adobe site a try. It was fun, but I couldn't find a way to use only 3 colours, or to choose 3 colours and have the site assist with additional colours. I was able to input my 3 colours and choose another 2 on my own though. Thanks. Now I have to investigate what's available in my stash.