Friday, October 20, 2017

Stash Diving

I dug through my yarn stash this afternoon with the crayons for the guild challenge in hand. Coming up with a basket of suitable yarns wasn't as tough as I expected and I'm kind of looking forward to getting started.

3 random colours challenge

Initially I thought I'd have to go predominantly with the goldenrod, but after checking my bin of greens I found I had quite a lot of the exact "spring green" I needed. Once I added in a chocolate brown I was able to ditch much of the goldenrod which I didn't really care for. I still have a touch of it though -- challenge rules require it. 

Listening to the comments here and on Ravelry I'm going to add in an orange-red for zing.


Gene Black said...

(((grin)) as you can see in the photo of your yarn collection - that red shade really stands out nicely and goes well with these colors.

Marlene said...

It does Gene. I hope to get the warp wound later today.