Saturday, October 21, 2017

Warp's Wound

The warp is now wound. I might have time later today to get the reed sleyed. I'm looking forward to having grandchildren coming in the evening for dinner and a sleepover so I won't likely have time to get the warp onto the loom.

 3 @ Random Challenge warp wound.

Since these are not colours that look good on me I'm going to weave a cowl and hat set that I can sell later. They are fun to do and seem to sell well.


MarthaVA said...

You have such a nice eclectic array of yarns.....this is a pretty warp, and it'll make a pretty set.

Gene Black said...

The warp looks great. I need a pattern for the cowls like you make.

Marlene said...

Thanks Martha. I have a huge variety of yarns in my stash, all organized by colour. I have very little of any one thing though. In the days when I knit more and wasn't weaving I didn't stockpile yarn and it was pretty much just little bits of leftovers. Now that I'm weaving Saori style I find I enjoy the variety.

I have sent an email pointing you in the right direction Gene.