Monday, October 16, 2017

For Your Safety!

Part of my clutter clearing in my crafting spaces has been picking up projects that have been on hold for some time and working on them. I figure the very act of making some progress on them should clear some of the stuck energy.

In the last few days I've added a couple of textile hobby related quotes to my crafting apron, which is a l-o-n-g term project. I still need ideas for getting knitting, crocheting, and spinning represented.

I work on my cross-stitch picture for about an hour every morning while I have my coffee. It's a large picture with lots of colour changes and it's done on 28 count linen. Progress is very, very slow.

October 16, 2017

I've added to my Sashiko/Boro vest.


The back is sort of finished for now. I say "sort of" because the intent is for this to be a perpetual project. I'll be adding patches and further embellishment in the Boro style, over the years, as the garment wears and needs further patching.

I've now moved on to the front where I've added a few patches (legitimate ones, over holes and very worn sections of the original shirt),

A little progress on the front.

and a whole lot of stitching.

Sashiko. Komezashi (rice stitch)

The vest is so comfy that between each addition I try to keep it wearable as is.


PJ said...

Love your handiwork! Especially that morning time with your 'slow' project. It's just beautiful! I need to start some quiet-work, but things are just too 'fast' right at the moment!

Marlene said...

I'm more fortunate than some in that I no longer work outside the home PJ, which means my available time is a little more abundant -- theoretically! It's surprising how fast I can fill a day. I'm up at 5:15 every day and I scramble around getting many things done before I allow myself to sit down, relax, and have my coffee. With such an early rising I still manage to get my hour cross-stitch in before many people are even out of bed.