Friday, July 20, 2018

3 into 1 Upcycle

I'm quite pleased with this "upcycle" project. I used "The Patti Blouse" pattern by Paganoonoo as a starting point. The pattern gives details on how to take 3 men's shirts and remake them into one ladies' blouse with a high/low hem.

I added my own little touches like sashiko inspired hand stitching and button embellishments.

The pattern instructions detail a fun way of relocating the breast pocket from one cannibalized shirt so that it becomes a functional, larger pocket at hip level.

The designer, Michelle Paganini, suggests using the button bands, intact, buttons and all, from both of the additional shirts to add detail and interest to the final shirt.

While removing the breast pocket from the main shirt I had an "oops" with the seam ripper and created a very tiny hole. I covered it with a patch from the gingham shirt, embellished it with a running hand stitch design crossing both shirt fronts, and it became a "feature".

I love the high/low hem created by adding the back of one accent shirt to the back of the main shirt. The addition also adds more hip room to a place where men's shirts are quite narrow in relation to the shoulder width. 

This project went from the three men's shirts on the left, to the finished ladies' blouse on the right.

Success! Yay!

I have two more shirts (dark navy and an eye searing chartreuse green!) that will be receiving this treatment as well but first I must find a third, coordinating shirt.


Gene Black said...

That made a very interesting blouse. I like the idea of upcycling clothes that aren't being used.

MarthaVA said...

Marlene, that's AHHHHMAZING! I love it. Nice job. Fun!

Michelle Paganini said...

Fabulous upcycle! Love the colors and patterns you chose. Link to pattern:

Marlene said...

Sorry I didn't answer sooner Gene. Blogger doesn't seem to give me notification of comments any more. Have you ever tried upcycling Gene. I know you've done boro patching of jeans but have you ever totally remade something?

Thanks Martha. I'm looking forward to cooler fall weather so I can get some wear out of this fun new top.

Thanks for dropping by to have a peek Michelle. You have a real knack for upcycling. I look forward to making another Patti blouse from your patten soon.

Michelle Paganini said...

Very excited so see your next one!

WillowAnn said...

Wow, I LOVE this! I stumbled across your blog after finding your three-peg rigid heddle warping bar, and now THIS?! Great.

Marlene said...

I'm glad you like the project WillowAnn. I hope now that you've found my blog you see enough to hold your interest and subscribe. I have a very wide variety of textile related interests and I'm always up to something.