Friday, August 26, 2005

Boucle Stole

My stole for the wedding is done. It's 5 feet, 7 inches of boring single crochet. It turned out quite pretty though.

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I made it from 2 - 6 oz (170g) balls of Red Heart's "TLC Amore" Color "3710 Rose". It's super simple.
Boucle Stole

Gauge doesn't matter too much for this item, but FYI I was getting about 11 sc over 4 inches.

With 7mm hook, chain 42, turn.

Single crochet (sc) in second chain from hook and in each chain across (40 sc), chain 1, turn. Repeat last row until stole is approximately 67 inches long.

It can be left this way, but for a more professional finish, change to a 5mm hook and without turning on final row, "crab stitch" (single crochet, but working backwards across the row) around entire piece skipping every 4th stitch or row so that edging lays flat. In other words, crab stitch in 3 stitches, skip 1 stitch and repeat. An extra stitch or two in the corners will help them lay flat.


dragon knitter said...

i always heard it called shrimp stitch. hey, at least it's seafood related, lol. very nice, and i'm glad to see you're not being a fiber snob about it, that tlc amore is nice stuff, the acrylics are getting much nicer

hockey mom said...

Beautiful Marlene! (See I DO know how to spell your name properly!) Thanks for the pattern. Might have to do one of those up for myself.

Marlene said...

No, I'm no fiber snob Minnie. Acrylics definately have their place. I had a bit of the TLC leftover and made a small swatch which I threw in the washer and dryer. It washed up fine, perhaps getting a bit fuzzier, but it was in with the jeans, not on a gentle cycle.

Marlene said...

I may end up making more than one myself, Sandy. The dusty rose color I chose goes with the outfit, but it is not one of my better colors. TLC has a lovely ruby color I like much better. There is a beautiful blue as well.

I've promised the bride a wrap as well, and if this one meets with her approval I may be making one in white. Only 14 days to go!

Soulknitting said...

Your wrap is lovely! Congrats on the upcoming dot's wedding. Turn on "word verification' under the 'comments' section of your blogger working area. It will keep the spider web-bots from finding you. Have a lovely wedding time!

Soulknitting said...

Kim from Sorry, it doesn't come up in my profile.

Marlene said...

Thanks for the tip Kim. I've never noticed that option before. I hope it isn't too annoying for the "real" commentors.

Maggie Ann said...

Marlene, your stole is beautiful. Its nice of you to post the pattern. I have a stole in white lace pattern that I knitted years ago and wear every winter. What a comliment that your daughter would like one! If you don't mind, what is a 'spider web-bot'?

Marlene said...

Maggie Ann, lately blogs have become victim to fake comments (advertising spam disguised as comments, used to generate traffic to a commercial site). These can be spread by special programs that drop the "comments" on unsuspected bloggers automatically. It is done without a "human" hand. The Word Verification is one way to make sure the comment is being left by a "real" person. I hope it isn't too inconvenient.

Erika said...

Hi there! I just started crocheting and I'm really excited you shared this pattern. And hey! I can still afford acrylic yarns! LOL Thanks. I'll send a pic when I'm done.