Sunday, August 14, 2005

Trimmed and Photographed

Hanging the sash up against a vertically positioned cutting board and using a rotary cutter made short work of the job of trimming the slippery fringe on the sash straight and even. It is now completely finished and awaiting the day of the wedding.

First the required ArtsyFartsy Photo of the sash hanging on a rhododendron bush. Unfortunately the still picture does not capture the full beauty of the beads sparkling in the sun while the fringe floats gently on the light breeze.

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This next photo is just to give an idea of what the sash will look like against the white dress. No, it is not THE dress, it is an old towel, but should give you some idea of the effect.

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Michelle said...

The sash is absolutely lovely! It will be the perfect addition for your daughter's gown.

Maggie Ann said...

The sash is exquisite! Like a dream...and what a labor of love!

kristo said...

wow mom, the sash looks awesome.... i'm so lucky to have such a super-mom! :-)

Miri said...