Friday, August 19, 2005


As I have mentioned before, my daughter is getting married in September. What I haven't mentioned is that the location the bride and groom have selected for the ceremony and reception is.....remote. Not as remote as a deserted island in the middle of the ocean accessible only by float plane, but remote enough that it requires a l-o-n-g trip down an active logging road.

Once you get there, it is quite beautiful and should make for a memorable ceremony and celebration.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to have the bride's Aunt and Uncle along for the trip. Our experienced remote-logging-roads-driver had no problem getting us to the site. We all took a good look around when we got there and made note of things like: who is signed up for which cabin? How late will the generator be running? How much fridge space can we count on? And how far is grandma's cabin from the "facilities"?

Being a typical Mother-of-the-Bride I also worried about things like: What does the mother of the bride wear to a wedding in the bush where the weather can be variable to say the least? How fancy is too fancy? How casual is too casual? What the heckity-peck is everyone else planning to wear?!! Can someone please wake me when this is all over?!

On the return trip, our fearless driver was less certain of the now-reversed forks in the road. Auntie and I took this picture of our driver and his navigator both leaning over a MAP determining that, yes indeedy, they had actually taken the "scenic" route and we would be doubling back to have a second look at those fishing and hunting possibilities we had passed along the way.

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Anyway, lets keep this all in perspective shall we? All is well that ends well. It will end well......right? Right?

Note to all parents out there with daughters still young enough to be "influenced" and gently trained in the way you would have them go:

Fer Heaven's sake, promise her that you will make it worth her while to elope.....before its too late......and you find yourself car-sick and lost on a remote logging road.


Maggie Ann said...

Marlene, your post has me smiling. Before I was Mother of the Bride, I thought elope was a bad word, but reality changed my mind. Althought I'm smiling, you have my complete empathy. On the way to our daughters rehearsal dinner ...deep in the middle of a state park, we of course (yes, you guessed it) got lost and were the very last to arrive. Talk about tension!! Anyway, hope all goes well, we're rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Mar! Your comments on the location for the big celebration made me giggle! I can't wait to hear about everyone's trip into the great wilderness and tell you my own! Im thinking casual is the way to go along with lots of bug dope! Eloping sure sounds like a great idea! See you in a few weeks! Love your niece, Tani XO