Sunday, August 07, 2005

Yarn Harlot

Yesterday my daughter and I went to see Stephanie Pearl-Mcfee, "The Yarn Harlot", author of "Meditations For Women Who Knit Too Much".

"Monkey" came along too!

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Many of the assembled fans entertained themselves by knitting and chatting while they awaited for Stephanie's arrival.

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Monkey was no exception. He is still getting the hang of this knitting thing, so some helping hands were needed.

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At last the star of the show arrived. She was entertaining and witty, just like her blog.

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When her talk was over, she sat down to sign books. LOTS of books....

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for LOTS of people.

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Unfortunately we didn't want to keep our non-knitting-enthused driver waiting, so we had to leave without a picture of us rubbing shoulders with Stephanie-The-Author.

Monkey couldn't resist a last minute mad dash to caress "The Sock".

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Kris caught him red handed....

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....and he reluctantly put the sock back.

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We allowed him one last climb on the giant "bookbookbook" before we left.

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Susan said...

2 famous "people" posing together - sock and monkey. Such a sweet picture! Mmy life is now complete.

marti said...

what a great photo essay with the monkey! thanks for making me smile.

Jewels said...

excellent photo essay...the Harlot is in Winnipeg on Aug 10 so I'm hoping to go to that. Looks I know to bring my WIP along with me.

Angela said...

Wish we'd met at her reading, but that is a wonderful photo essay.

Maggie Ann said...

Monkey is adorable and I laughed over those pictures of him...the commentary went perfectly with the pics Marlene. What a fun day you must of had and I loved the line about the non-knitting-enthused driver...I'll bet theres a lot of those around = ). The lady I met the other night made my hubby most welcome in her shop. She told him lots of men come along with their wives and she supplies tea, coffe and cookies for them. By the way, thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving me a comment!

Marlene said...

Everyone DOES realize that Monkey is only a guest here, right? His "home" is actually on my daughter's blog at: