Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blue Scarf

I finished this scarf about a week ago but we had a run of rainy weather and I had to wait for good photography weather.

Image hosted by

It's made from some of my earlier handspun yarn.

Image hosted by

I found the pattern on someone's blog and printed it out. Now, as I go to link back to it, I realize that the printed pattern does not contain the bloggers site address nor even a title. If you know from whence it came, speak up and I will provide proper links and credit.

Thanks Leisel. It's the "So-Called-Scarf" from Stacie's blog.


Leisel said...

It looks like "My So Called Scarf"

Yours looks nice. I don't think I've seen it before in a (nearly) solid. How fun.

Marlene said...

Thanks Leisel. I visit so many blogs, (often just by following links from other blogs) that it is sometimes hard to remember where I've been.