Thursday, October 27, 2005

Whose Chair?

Back in July of 2004 I told you about our resident chair thief.

At the time the perfect solution seemed to be to drag a wicker deck chair into the living room (trying to ignore how out of place and shabby it looks) place the dog's blanket in it, (well, no, that blanket isn't hers, its actually stolen from her boy) and to let her know she had her own chair to sit in. Sounds reasonable right? (If a dog having their own chair in the living room is reasonable.) But no. Look what has happened.

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She claims MY chair is just the right size, covered with comfy, hardwearing (if garish) fabric, and has a nice gentle gliding motion perfect for afternoon naps. She only decides to move if I seem to be about to sit on her.


Maggie Ann said...

Your dog is nobody's dummy! She looks so comfy but that leaves you out in the cold. Tell her if she really loves you, she'll move it.

Kathy said...

It's perfectly reasonable for a dog to have their own chair. :)

My dogs actually share my huge sectional couch. The three dogs and I have each staked out spots and that's the only spot any of us will use. Kind of nuts, but it works.

My dogs also sleep with their heads propped up like that. So cute!