Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

It's pouring rain and the wind is blowing. At 3 pm it is already looking dark and dismal outside. Not a happy night for all the little trick-or-treaters. I have 150 mini-treats (those teeny little things cannot be called candy bars!) and I am likely to get only 15 goblins at my door. Good thing I have several big gobblings (not a typo) living here.

My first trick-or-treater came via the internet. Monkey is all dressed up in his first Halloween costume. Go tell him how good he looks.


dragon knitter said...

we had a beautiful night in the lower 50's, and i had about 50-60 kids. sorry you've gotten stuck with tons of candy. i'd come help i could, lol.

meanwhile i have a humungous box of stuff sitting ehre, and i'm like "ummmmmmmm, now what?"

Marlene said...

I guess I spoke too soon. Even though it has been raining quite hard all evening, the trick-or-treaters are coming in larger numbers than they have in several years. I bought two boxes of 70 and for most of the night was giving out two to each child. When we starting getting low I got nervous and only gave one out per visitor. I also sent my husband to the store for backup supplies.

Um, yeah. I thought he would come back with a bag of 20 or so. No. He bought a box of 95. I think he is ensuring there will be plenty of leftovers.

It's 7:37 and the traffic is slowing. Mostly BIG kids now but hey, as long as they are in costume I think "more power to them". At least they are not out vandalizing the neighbourhood.