Monday, October 31, 2005

Our Butler

Last year (when she was an irresponsible adolescent) we had to lock her in a back room during the Halloween trick or treater hours. This year she has taken on a whole new attitude.

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This year Shelby is waiting patiently by the door. She informs me of approaching gremlins with a soft "woof" and then when I open the door she goes outside to greet the visitors.....gently and quietly.

So far she has received numerous pats, lots of smiles, several proclamations of "Goggie" and two big hugs. And she has taken it all in good humor and seems to be anticipating the next little one's arrival.


Anonymous said...

Ohman I Love that story. Monkey must love coming to Grandma's house. Sooooo cute. "goggie"

Maggie Ann said...

Isn't that just a perfectly mannered doggie. Love that picture!

Jewels said...

What a sweetie doggy!!