Monday, October 17, 2005

Marlene Needs

Here's a fun little thing for you to try. Even if you don't have a blog, it is a fun word search.

You type your name + needs (the + sign is a necessary part) into Google and then post the first ten results.

Here's mine:

1.Marlene needs to come back Now !

2.Marlene needs someone to teach her German.

3.Marlene needs to have them all removed by Sunday October 12.

4.Marlene needs a mother

5.Marlene needs a little extra special care, but she is a little extra special mule

6.Marlene needs our help to finish production.

7.Marlene needs to know for next year’s schedule.

8.Marlene needs to borrow a page from the salesperson's guide to happiness ... focus on the customer .

9.Marlene needs someone to be dependent on.

10.Marlene needs to contact you.

I found it quite funny. If you have a bit of an imagination it even tells a little story.


dragon knitter said...

i had fun with this, too, lol. it's amazing how many of the ones i got were sexual, and i just left them out. i didn't do the + i did "minnie needs" and got the same kind of results. isn't this fun! kinda like google bombing, lol. of course, now, "marlene needs" is going to be in there too, lol!

Marlene said...

Just typing "Marlene needs" without the + sign didn't work so well for me. I got a whole lot of stuff where the "needs" was separate from the "Marlene".

Anonymous said...

Hi. I found your site.
Someone on told us about this game.

I typed my name with the + and need, and I met you. :)

Nice Blog.
Greetings. Marlene from The Netherlands
(named after Marlene Dietrich)

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize there were so many of us with the same name. I haven't heard or met to many with the same spelling either. WOW! I thought I was just special! LOL Not sure what this "Marlene needs" thing is but this is where it sent me! Nice website by the way! You're very talented.


Max and Zoey said...

Found the "Marlene needs" game and found you. Nice to know there are other Marlene's out there!
Marlene from Cicero, Illinois

Marlene T said...

Hi there, another Marlene here. My step son and his wife have a blog and she told us of the game of Your Name + Needs and here you are. It will be interesting to see how many other people named Marlene will add a comment on your blog because of this.

Marlene T

Anonymous said...

Hi! A friend told me about this & you were the first one up. I was named after my father's mother in Germany, who died before I got over there. My middle name is Annette after Funicello. I was the 6th girl & my parents were running out of names! I've never been fond of Marlene...

Anonymous said...

LOL, my name is Marlene too and I'd just heard about this game and typed in 'Marlene needs' on Google and you were the first one up! (I'm also a Capricorn, Jan. 2nd.)

Anonymous said...

Hello Marlenes'!

I am also a 'Marleen,' spelt MarlEEn... It's a little different, I am told that it is spelled the Irish way.

Marleen or Marlene meaning 'Tower of strenght.'

A wonderful day to all you strong ladies! :)

Marlene said...

There are so many Marlene's on this page, it came up first when I google "Marlene needs" - used the quotes to keep the words together rather than the +.

Marlene from Minnesota

Julie Tait said...

Mine told me that I needed to see a primary care technician and that I needed a new kidney! Bit scary...