Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dragonfly Temari

This beautiful dragonfly temari ball was a birthday gift, hand made for me by a friend.

Image hosted by

I 'connect' with dragonflies in a special way, and consider Dragonfly to be my personal 'totem'. Over the past few years I have collected dragonfly motifs, so her choice of pattern for this temari ball is especially pleasing for me.

I love it Louise. Thanks SO much.


Leisel said...

It's beautiful... and how neat that it also has special significance for you, too.

lori said...

Marlene, what a beautiful gift! :) [in our house, there are three bears and an owl ;)].

also, i just want to tell you, i think your shawl is one of the most absolutely awesome knitted things in the universe! awesome job, i am just floored!