Monday, January 16, 2006

No Hurry

And now for something completely different. 'Tis neither knitting nor spinning, 'tis not crochet nor weaving either. This my friends is something I haven't done in years....nay, decades! It's applique and embroidery, and you know, it's kind of fun.

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This will eventually become a Christmas stocking for my son-in-law. It's not needed until next December so obviously I have lots of time.

Although my daughter already has one from her childhood, I'll be making her another, so that the newlyweds will have matching ones. Her original one was sewn from a preprinted fabric panel, and the problem with that is that they discontinue the sewing panels each year so it is hard to get any continuity for future additions. This is a Mary Maxim, felt stocking design, and it seems they add a new version each year. I'm hoping that Mary Maxim will continue to design and sell this type of Christmas stocking for many decades so that I can make one for each new member of our family. I think it would make a great family tradition.

One change I will be making to the basic stocking though. I will be adding a broadcloth or satin lining. Apparently kids don't think too much of their Christmas candy being covered in felt-fuzz.


kristo said...

ooooooh! it looks good already! thanks mom!

PJ said...

Don't you just love that catalog..mine is waiting right here infront of me for an order! I love how you are ahead of time with Christmas gifts! Looks like fun!..inspirational actually..