Friday, January 27, 2006

New Bag

I was at Value Village the other day, on the prowl for cheap craft supplies, when I came across this little bargain:

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I've been wanting a mid-sized knitting bag for quite some time now. I have small ones, good for taking along a pair of socks in progress. I have a large one that I take on vacation. It holds all my notions, as well as a couple of projects. What I really needed was something in between. A bag that would hold a sweater in progress, but wouldn't drag me down.

This one has no interior pockets, but for $2.79 CAD (brand new, not used) I think it is pretty darn good.

The yarn peeking out of the top is my current work in progress. More on that in future posts. A hint? It involves multiple colors of Knitpicks yarn.

If you haven't seen "Hedgehog" yet (Monkey's new buddy) head on over to my daughter's blog, "Busternme" it's well worth the visit. :-)

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dragon knitter said...

i'm acquiring a small bag for sock transport, lol (zip locks only go so far, lol). that bag is nice.

and for some reason, wheni clicked on the link to monkey & company's blog, it wouldn't come up. i had to type it in.