Thursday, February 02, 2006

Entrelac Bag

Entrelac has never really appealed to me, but after receiving a request to teach a class on the subject, I set to work to learn something new. I chose a felted bag pattern from the Knitpicks line and bought their Wool of the Andes to complete it.

Here it is, not yet felted, turned upside down and warming my feet.

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I have several miles (okay, it's "only" 80 inches) of 10 stitch I-cord yet to knit for the two handles and then it's off to my daughter's house for felting. I gave my top-loading washing machine to her when I (stupidly) bought a front loader.

And the class I was asked to teach? Not going to happen. I wisely begged off. I'm not interested enough in the technique to do a full exploration of all it's variations and possibilities and, really folks, it amounts to picking up stitches along the edge of one shape and knitting another. I could talk/demonstrate on that for a maximum of.....oh....maybe three and a half minutes! They have an offer, waiting in the wings, from a yarn shop owner who will do class lasting about 2 hours.

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