Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Play Clothes to Dye In

All decked out and ready to play!

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Except now I don't play with mud pies. Today I am making poison soup. The kind that produces little green balls that are fun to spin.

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The dyes I am using are not good to breathe or eat and they are quite happy to stain my clothes and hands, hence the fancy outfit. It's dangerous enough that I am doing this inside my kitchen.

No husbands will be harmed in the making of this soup. It's poisonous contents are being cooked up in a designated "Dyeing Only" crockpot and will only be served to Little Gemivere (my spinning wheel).


e's knitting and spinning blog said...

I can't believe how put together you look in your dying clothes. Your little 'experiment' turned out nicely I can't wait to see them spun up:-)

Marlene said...

Put together? If you only knew. The apron is a $4 waterproof dollar store find. The shirt, well that is one of my favorites and I was just hoping I wouldn't be too much of a clutz and get dye on I was too lazy to go change. It only LOOKS like I have some fancy doodad in the back of my hair. That is actually a wreath-like picture on the wall behind me. And the gloves. Well, yes, no woman could feel quite "dressed" without her mint green, industrial thick, rubber gloves.

But thanks for the complement. I feel extra 'specially purrdy now. ;-)

vanessa said...

love the colors! can't wait to see them spun up :-)

Marlene said...

Don't hold your breath Vanessa, it could be a while. First I am scouring, dyeing and combing a huge pile of fleece. I want to have it all ready before I begin so that I can pick and choose from the little "nests" as I spin. I'm aiming for a randomly changing grass-like green for the background of the Shy Sheep Vest. The nests that don't fit that description (those that are too brown or too blue-green) will be saved for other projects.

Anonymous said...

I too think you look pretty fetching...a cross between brain surgeon/mad scientist.