Monday, February 06, 2006

Grass Green

The comb-blended nests I blogged about earlier spun up far more grass like than I expected.

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Please excuse the newbie attempt at Navaho 3-ply. I haven't yet got the knack of this technique. It looked way over plyed when I was working on it, but off the bobbin and skeined it is clear that it is actually UNDER plyed. I should have went HERE first. I can see now SEVERAL mistakes I was making. *sigh*

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Stephanie's book is in the picture to show that her sheep pasture is similar in color to the general color of the skein.

Now I'm pondering what my next step should be. Should I dye the next washed batch of fleece the same way, (dyeing before combing, which results in a blended effect) or should I comb it first and then dye it, possibly with a more mottled effect in the finished spinning? I'm going for a color to represent a sheep pasture. I didn't expect the first little nests to spin up so nice and "grass-like".

One thing to take into consideration is that I will likely need more contrast between the green background and a creamy natural "sheep" color for the Shy Sheep Vest, with its illusion knitting, to work right. With that in mind I'll likely try for a darker version of this same color combination no matter which dyeing order I end up using.

So I guess the next step in this Dyeing Experiment is to comb a crock pot's worth of the wool and bundle it in little nests in preparation for crock pot, sprinkle dyeing in the next few days. After seeing how that spins up, I'll make some sort of a decision about how I'll approach the final project.

Stay tuned.


Rabbitch said...

Ooh, that's gorgeous!

Hockey Mom said...

That's so beautiful. I'm jealous of your super ninja spinning skills. I must get me some of those skills.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Leisel said...

I think it turned out rather nicely... very grassy, and it's nice that it's not just one flat color.

Angela said...

You could try dyeing 6 separate crocks of the greens you have, then, when you comb, you can combine as many or as few of the greens for each nest. You could do some interesting colour progressions that way.

vanessa said...

i love the color!

Nicole said...

I love the "yarn harlot" colourway!