Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Unraveling Brussel Sprouts

Here we have another edition of the Saga of the Dyeing Experiments. In this crockpot full I was going for a darker green while also testing what happens if I dye the wool AFTER it was combed and dizzed.

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We'll have to wait to see the effect in the finished spinning. I have to set aside crafty endeavors today for THIS:

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I'm stripping wallpaper in our main bathroom. This is part of a temporary, mini-fix of new wallpaper and mouldings. The BIG FIX will be done some time next year and will involve new fixtures, flooring, cabinets, walls and color. The family room is first in line for its major fix up this Spring.

Why the temporary fix in the bathroom? The wallpaper has been in the process of lifting away from its seams for never did fully stick the way it was supposed to. The other day I was in a thrift store rummaging for craft supply bargains when I came across some vinyl coated wallpaper. I brought home two double rolls (at $2 a piece) to use as drawer and cabinet shelf liner. I plopped them down on the bathroom counter and did a double take! WOW, it looked not bad. Certainly looked better than the peeling wallpaper that was there. Could it be used instead for the walls? It could you know, and it just might.

The next day I went back and bought the other two double rolls. At only $2 each the whole lot cost $8 and there should be enough to do the entire project. The new wallpaper will go perfectly with the old paint, so we only have to replace the mouldings and they will be painted white to match those in the rest of the house. Ta Da! Bathroom redo for only $12. (The other $4 is for two floral pictures I picked up at a different thrift store.) EDIT: Ooops, forgot about the mouldings. That will cost a few dollars more for sure, but not bad.

Now if the wallpaper was there in the bin for a REASON (like it won't stick or something) then we will fall back on Plan B, which will be to repaint instead. As we attacked the existing wallpaper we realized that the walls underneath are still the color they were when we moved in.....two redecoratings ago. That would be okay I guess......if it wasn't pea soup green....and if it was ALL the walls, not just the ones we wallpaper over. Pea soup and soft peach? What do you think? Nah, me neither!

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kristo said...

Yay! goodbye ugly peeling wallpaper!!! (make sure you post "after" photos too!)