Saturday, February 11, 2006

Where's the Glue?

I love wallpaper.....or at least I used to. Remember back in the "Good Ol' Days" (70's and 80's) when wallpaper had so much glue that it spewed to the floor in great globby puddles? Yes, those puddles were a pain in the butt, requiring careful squeegeeing, drop-sheets and much mopping up, but at least the darn wallpaper stuck when you were through with it.

Well, for whatever reason, manufacturers of wallpaper have gotten more and more stingy with the glue to the point now where wallpaper is best used to wrap gifts or line shelves. Certainly no one in their right mind would attempt to actually stick it to a wall.

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I should have known. This is exactly what happened the last time I attempted wallpaper. In this very room in fact. Last time I went out and bought seam glue (the very fact that seam glue exists should be a warning, hmmmm?). It didn't do much to stick the wallpaper down, but I found over the past several days of stripping the old wallpaper that, ohhhhh that glue can be horrendous to get off the wall! Won't go there again.

Falling back on Plan B, we will now be painting instead.


Melissa said...

What color(s) are you going to be painting the room instead?

Marlene said...

We will be using two shades of a beige that leans toward the pinky side. The lighter will be the base wall color. If that looks okay we will maybe just leave it at that. It's a large bathroom though and I remember from past paint-only experiences in that room that it really needs some sort of texture to break up the long expanse of wall. I might do some "stippling" in a darker shade.

The biggest challenge in that room is the counter top, which we are not ready to replace just yet. It looks okay, but fights with many color schemes I might otherwise choose. It's a fake marble in grey and beige shades. The flooring is off white with bits of tan shading, and the fixtures (right now) are bone colored.

Overall I think the beiges I have chosen will look nice, but more sedate and perhaps more sophisticated than the former peach color.