Monday, April 16, 2007

2 B Plyed

On the wheel:

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Superwash mill ends from ebay seller shpherder.

I have 2 very large bobbins of this spun and ready to be plyed. I purchased 2 pounds of this dark, dark navy colour, and pound of a soft, bubblegum pink, 2 pounds of black, and 3 pounds of light blue. It's lovely, soft wool, but I find it a bit difficult to spin. The combination of "superwash" AND "merino" makes it very slippery. I have to "pinch" with the lead hand a little more firmly than I am used to and if I spin for a long time my hand cramps up.

Worth it though.


Michelle said...

Definitely worth it. Your spinning is so consistent and I'm envious. I just started spinning some of my superwash from shpherder and it is very slippery. I hope mine comes out half as good as yours!

Marlene said...

I was quite surprised how even it looks myself Michelle. During the spinning it felt like it was much less consistant and a lot thicker. I plyed it last night and a 2 ply came out at about 18 WPI -- a heavy LACEweight, or light fingering. Wooo hoooo! That means I will be able to use it for socks. I think that the dark denim-y colour will look great with jeans.

Maggie Ann said...

How professional looking! I think I'm a tad jealous too...grin.

Dandy said...

I bought some it too from the same seller... 5 pounds of the white/natural... I hope it doesn't give me too much trouble... I haven't got it yet, hopefully this week!