Sunday, April 22, 2007

One Skein Knitted Up

From the first two bobbins of Superwash Merino I made 2 skeins of 2 ply at an average of 17 WPI. That marks it as a "fingering weight", but in actual use I found I liked the way it draped when knit up a little looser and I have had this pattern kicking around for a while looking for the perfect yarn. It's supposed to be knit in a DK weight cotton yarn. I find the handspun merino looks perfect and drapes beautifully.

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The photo shows how far I was able to go with the first skein, which was the smaller of the two.

The beginning of the second sleeve is looking a little rumpled in the picture as it has not yet been blocked. I have the lower part of the first sleeve blocked because I was concerned about my gauge and wanted to double check before I continued. Blocking improved the knitting a great deal. It made the handspun look more smooth and regular, it opened up the lace some, and it greatly improved the drape.

I'm really enjoying this project. It looks way prettier in person than it does in these rather low light photos.


Michelle said...

Oh my Marlene, it looks awesome! It's the perfect combination.

I'm spinning this merino at 17 wpi, also. Just curious as to what needle size you decided on using for your pullover? I was aiming to use a 3mm.

dragon knitter said...

just luscious! can't wait to see it all done

Marlene said...

I originally tried the yarn with a 2.25mm needle for a tight gauge with socks but it wasn't thrilling me, so I changed projects.

For the sweater I'm using a needle that is larger than I would have thought appropriate Michelle. The pattern called for a 4mm and that's what I'm using. Normally I go down a needle size or two with patterns because I am a loose knitter. With the thinner WPI of this wool I was able to use the recommended needle size.

I knit up a large gauge swatch and got perfect gauge. Then when I was about 10" into the sleeve it looked pretty narrow so I remeasured and found that I was getting a much tighter gauge by then. Inconsistancy is NOT usually a problem for me so I'm thinking it might be because the yarn is quite elastic. I blocked it back to gauge and it introduced a beautiful drape. I LOVE it.

I can't wait to see it done either Minnie. I'm working on it rather obsessively. If I'm not knitting on it I'm spinning for it. Gotta keep that yarn a coming!

Nicole said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see if when you're done. How's the grandbaby?

PJ said...

Oh, I can tell it's just GORGEOUS! Love those comfy socks you made, too!

Marlene said...

Thanks PJ and Nicole. I can't wait to get started on it today. The gym must always come first or it doesn't get done at all.

The grandbaby, Kaylen, is doing great. She has her own blog now at: and I contribute there so I won't be reporting about her directly on my own blog anymore --- unless it has to do with knitting. She'd love to have you stop by to visit AND comment. She loves the comments.

Lorraine said...

Absolutely love the yarn and the beginnings of the sweater. I notice that your sweaters usually fit beautifully. Do you alter patterns to fit in advance or are you just genetically lucky enough to have the right figure to get sweaters to fit as written?