Monday, April 09, 2007


A gift for Kaylen. The Baby Surprise Jacket from "The Opinionated Knitter", a compilation of newsletters written by Elizabeth Zimmerman from 1958 through 1968.

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The sweater is supposed to be "the right size for a 1-year-old, or older", but even though I got perfect gauge, I think it will fit Kaylen when she is about 6 months old. Yup. Right in the heat of the summer. *sigh* I suppose that makes it a good thing that the hat likely won't fit at the same time? It looks quite large even though I used Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's advice on hat sizes. (from the sections "Typical Head Sizes" and "Head Rules and Exceptions" in her book "Knitting Rules"). If we fold up that first, lower red stripe it looks more like it might fit a human being under 5 years old. Maybe Kaylen can wear it some time next winter --- long after she has outgrown the sweater.


PJ said...

PRETTY! Too bad about the timing of the seasons though. Good to here that your notebook is in the proper hands. The baby is sooooooo cute!!!! Can't get enough of those pics ;)

Barb Outside Boston said...

I have to say that a baby that fit both that hat and the sweater at the same time would be very, um, interesting looking.
But I do love the way they turned out!

Kat said...

Those are both great!!
I photocopied the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern the other day (I NEVER work from originals--I scribble way too much!) and bought some yarn today, and I'm looking forward to starting it after I finish weaving in a bazillion ends on a sweater I'm finishing up for a friend (she got in way over her head on this project).

I love your yarn combinations! I ended up buying red and white yarns, which cracks me up since yours is also red and white. We seem to do a lot of similar projects, although I'm usually a bit behind you. :-)

Dorothy said...

That's ok - my granddaughter is in Orland, where it gets below 80 about two days out of the year. So much for lovely knitted items - I'm sewing sundresses instead! But both the sweater and the hat are lovely!

Maggie Ann said...

Beautiful! and who knows, maybe the next baby will have it for the winter season. Still, it gets chilly some days in the summer too, and a cozy sweater will be just the thing.