Sunday, April 15, 2007


I had an interesting weekend as a volunteer "beta tester" for Carol Wulster's "Sock Wizard, Version 2" which will be released some time in the future. Along with 60 or more other knitters I poured over the program looking for errors and glitches in the patterns and help files. Friday and Saturday we looked for typos and errors in the way the program operated. Today we knit all the various heels using different needle set ups (4 dpn, 5 dpns, 1 circular, 2 circulars).

It should be noted that this little oddity is NOT supposed to be a sock. It's just my test drive of a "Next Step Heel" (on the right side) and an "Ultimate Toe" (on the left side). The bit of ribbing at the top was just something I added so that the stockinette wouldn't roll on the sample.

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It was fun trying out a different variety of heel and toe. The program is GREAT! If you are an avid sock knitter, keep an eye out for it.


Romi said...

Fun! I did beta testing for her Mac version. :)

Michelle said...

I have been debating recently whether or not to buy this. Is version 2 going to be much different from version 1?

Marlene said...

I can't really comment on that Michelle, as I've never seen or used the first version.

I can tell you that version 2 has options for 4 dpn, 5 dpn, 2 circ, 1 circ, metric or imperial measurements, any size, any gauge, cuff down or toe up, 8 different toe styles, which, depending on the style, may be finished with grafting, pulled, or 3 needle bind off. 8 different heel styles including 2 invented by Carol. On the styles with heel flaps you have the options of plain stockinette, heel stitch, or eye of partridge stitch. You can make standard, knee or ankle socks, or customize any variation of those measurements.

By exporting your finished pattern to a word program you can customize your pattern further by adding in your favorite stitch patterns, pattern notes or pictures. If you have a graphing program like "Stitch and Motif Maker" you could even paste your custom made graphs into a finished pattern.

Endless options! I can't wait to get my free copy (just found out Beta testers are being sent a copy as a thank you. Wheeeee!) so I can start designing sock patterns for my most recent superwash homespun.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the info, Marlene. It does look like they've incorporated the 1 circ...I don't think that option is available in the 1st sounds really great though and I'd love something like that to play around with. I'm adding it to my list. [g]

As for the band heel. It's alright. [g] It's great using it with self-striping yarns, but I find it slips off my heel to the middle of my foot. LOL I'm going back to using the flap...perhaps I'll try a regular short row heel again. I've only ever made a garter stitch short row heel and it seems to fit fine.

Blogger has never given me the option of emailing my commenters. Boo hiss, Blogger. LOL

dragon knitter said...

sounds like fun! and that thing almost looks like a miniature bootie!