Friday, December 07, 2007

A Little Smaller

I went out and bought a new (fake) tree last night. The old one was very realistic but it was SO huge, with SO many branches to bend into shape and "fluff" that getting the tree up each year was an all day affair. The fluffing and decorating was most often something I ended up doing alone.

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The thought of facing it again this year was putting me in very much of a Bah Humbug kind of a mood. The need to move our living room furniture to make room for it wasn't thrilling me either. Our furniture is heavy enough that it leaves great dents in our carpet for at least a month after the arrangement has been altered.

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This new tree, advertised as 6.5 feet tall, is about two feet shorter, smaller in diameter, has less branches to fiddle with and fill with ornaments, and ................ comes PRELIT. I love prelit. I can totally forgive this tree it's less realistic look because I am so in love with its' 400 mulit-coloured mini lights already in place and ready to plug in.

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For some reason my camera is insisting that there is a lot of PINK on this tree. In reality the bows and garland are silver and the mini lights that show up as pink....they are actually red.


Rabbitch said...

Ooh. I'm thinking that prelit may be the way to go for next year! Very nice.

dragon knitter said...

if i weren't so broke, i think i'd go for that myself! the kids are pushing us to put the tree up, even though we won't be here for christmas. i'm making them help more this year, i get too tired otherwise.

Laura said...

Love your new smaller tree, Marlene. :-)

Nicole said...

Our new fake tree is also prelit and I love it - there are so many lights that it glows. Since this is our first fake tree, I did not realise beforehand how much work it is to fluff all those branches... thankfully my husband did the top half because I would have had to stand on a chair otherwise! Ours is 7.5 feet tall.