Monday, December 24, 2007

Masters Monday 2.3

Did you think I'd miss Masters Monday just because it was Christmas Eve? Nope. Actually I had all the work for this done last Monday but "saved" it for today's report because I knew it would be a busy week.

So.....I've found another UNsuccessful way to seam ribbing. *sigh* I suppose that could still be considered progress though.

I did this one by setting it up so I could seam down the centre of the selvedge stitches. One thing about this method, it can be used for tubular cast on which always ends in an uneven number of stitches. BUT....unfortunately I can't get it to look right. The seamed row of "stitches" has a sunken look that is way too obvious.

Back to the needles. I'll get this one yet!

I'm not likely to have time to post tomorrow, so to everyone who celebrates this holiday.....Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Dave said...

I await further developments in the seaming departmnet. :-)

Happy holidays!

Jen said...

Merry Christmas! Good luck with your seaming. :-)

Nancy said...

It is a seamingly curious problem to solve! (all puns intended!) I think you need a valley and a hill to not create the gulley? Well, it's a thought since 2 valleys created a gulleywasher.... May you have a joyous holiday.

Marlene said...

Technically the way I had it set up the selvedge stitches should have been "hills", with the seam going down the centre of each, but the seam kind of depressed them enough to create a dip.

But yes, Nancy the hill and valley idea is kind of what I did in the first attempt at this swatch, but I got the seam 1/2 a stitch off. I'll be trying another variation of that again when we pop up for air on the other side of Christmas.

Have a great one!

PJ said...

Awesome..a little master on monday! You will get it I just know! Love all your treats, crochet ornament, and red hat! Merry Christmas to you and your family, too!

Maggie Ann said...

When I saw the Christmas comment you left me, I came right over to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas!!! I just woke up from a little Christmas nap after all the fun of gift opening. We have a beautifully sunny day here...I'm glad. Our daughter & her family will be driving all day to get here tomorrow so hope the sunshine lasts and then we'll wish for snow for the little man in our lives to enjoy. I'd better check ebay, of all things...on Christmas Day! I bid on a book and need to see if I won it or not. Wishing you happiness!

Laura said...

Hm. Nope. That one doesn't look right, either. Drat. You'll get it. I know you will. ;-)