Monday, December 10, 2007

Lambie's New Clothes

Introducing "Lambie".

She's for the gift exchange held today during the Chilliwack Spinning and Weaving Guild's annual Christmas luncheon. Dressed only in the bib and diaper cover she came in she looked a little plain.....and I got busy and knitted her a nice warm sweater and hat set. Wool of course.

Lambie has a little gift card holder around her neck (not shown here) and my daughter, also a spinner, had the brilliant idea to put a reference card in the holder that outlines how many wraps per inch will equal each of the commonly used yarn weights. This is a useful little item that even non-spinners can use to identify yarn weights that no longer have identifying ball bands.

I watched as the gifts were chosen (randomly, nobody knowing who each gift was from) and the lady who picked mine just happens to be a new grandma! I betcha Lambie will end up in Japan, where the new grandchild lives.


Ruinwen said...

How adorable! I just love that you made room for her ears! :)

knitmd said...

I love it! I just did our spinners' group gift exchange this past week - that would have gone over really well!