Saturday, December 22, 2007

Portrait Ornament

Many, many years ago (has it been 23 already!) I made a few ornaments similar to this one.

Featuring pictures of my 3 little ones they immediately became my favorite ornaments of all time. Year after year I put them in prominent locations on the Christmas tree. As the children grew older (they are all adults now) I loved to reminisce of Christmas from so long ago.

Last year I sorted the ornaments and carefully stored the portrait ornaments away where they would be "safe". I had put them in a sealed container with an aluminum bottom. I guess some kind of a chemical reaction, (or perhaps the lack of circulating air?) caused them considerable damage. The pictures are fine, but the crocheted part turned all brown and ugly. I'll have to redo them some time.

The ones I made this year are for pictures of our first grandchild on her very first Christmas. Very special indeed.


Sharon in Surrey said...

What a great idea for an ornament!! I hope you made one for your daughter's tree too since she's gonna want this one!

Marlene said...

Yes, one is for my daughter and two others are for her in-laws.

Maggie Ann said...

What beautiful crocheted ornaments and just precious with your babies in them. Any chance you still have that pattern & could share it? Just I've never seen a nicer one.

Marlene said...

I'll do what I can to get that up in a week or so Maggie Ann. A nasty flu has me in it's grips and I just don't have the *oompf* to think straight and edit the pattern where necessary right now. If I forget, do come back and remind me.

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

I did something similar, but simpler than the lacy crochet you made. I used some clear plastic yogurt lids (from a kind that had a packet of sprinkles on the top), glued the photo behind it, and glued glitter in the "ditch" around the rim (to keep the photo edges from showing through). Very special! I did several years' worth of photos at one time back whenever, but have not since found more lids to continue with.

Marlene said...

That sounds really nice Deborah. I would imagine anything "frame-ish" would work well. After all, the purpose and focal point to the ornament is the child's picture.