Saturday, December 29, 2007

Little Tent Stitch Socks

Likely to be my last FO of 2007, the Little Tent Stitch Socks.

These were done toe-up and using my own modification of the little tent stitch from the Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries, and Sock Wizard's "Ultimate Heel".

Although they fit perfectly once I get them on, I really have to tug at them to get them over my heel. Annoying for sure.

Although my Christmas was marred by a nasty, nasty flu that I am only just now beginning to recover from, I did receive some lovely gifts. I'll be showing the fibre related ones over the next day or two.


Jen said...

lovely socks! I really like how the striping came out on the heel. :-)

Marlene said...

Thanks Jen! I'm not really sure if I like the heel myself or not. The bold bands of colour seem such a stark contrast to the stitch pattern used for the rest of the sock.

PJ said...

What FUN socks! Good job finishing something still in '07 :) Happy New Year!