Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Changing Course

When I bought this yarn from "Laura Fry Weaving Studio" I was planning to use the handpainted Rayon in the "Northern Brights" colourway for warp and the Bamboo on the cone for weft in two scarves, one for myself and the other to sell or give as a gift.

I'm still planning on doing that, but my idea has switched looms. I was planning to warp my rigid heddle loom with two ends per slot or hole in the 10 dpi reed, making a basket weave effect. I'm now thinking it would be much smarter for me to drag my 8-shaft table loom out of the closet for this project. For one, the scarves would have a nicer drape done in a twill. Twill is much easier to do on a multi-shaft loom. Another good reason is that I could warp and weave both scarves at once on the larger loom. I'm not so sure my Beka rigid heddle loom would be able to handle a length of 13 or 14 feet. And a third reason; weaving of fine yarns goes much faster with a boat shuttle than it would with the stick shuttle necessary on my Beka.

So there ya go, the thought process behind switching looms for this project, even though I find warping the rigid heddle so much easier....and less frightening and less prone to warp snarling error.


Ruinwen said...

That is a georgous yarn. I can't wait to see how it mingles with the color on the cone. :)

Marlene said...

I was not originally considering the colour on the cone Ruinwen. The assistant at the Laura Fry Weaving Studio booth talked me into it. She said that if I matched any particular colour from the handpainted warp it would have the effect of eliminating the look of handpainting from the area in the warp of that colour.

So....I'm very interested to see how it turns out too.