Monday, July 13, 2009

Band Practice

My daughter has a beautiful new guitar and has started lessons. She asked if I would make her an inkle band guitar strap.

I just happened to have the exact colours on hand!

On the right is the first band I made. Despite my best efforts at calculating the required number of threads it came out too narrow----so I'll call it "band practice". With experience and information gleaned from the first band I was able to calculate the additional threads needed to get the desired 2" band.

With 152 warp threads this band took longer to get on the loom than it is taking to weave it.


Maggie Ann said...

You are really something! 152 warp! its lovely, I'm sure she is delighted with it and it will get many compliments as time goes by. good for your daughter, taking lessons...I hope she enjoys her new instrument as much as I've enjoyed learning to play cello.

AlisonH said...

It's beautiful, and it so matches that guitar!

My brother builds custom guitars,, so it's an instrument and subject near and dear to my heart.

Dave said...

Very cool!

And "band practice" - LOL!!

shortoldlady said...

Nice strap! AND a matching belt!!

Nicole said...

Love it... great colours, both.

Ruinwen said...

What great colors...and you amazing patience! :)

Marlene said...

It took a couple of hours, Maggie Ann, but it was enjoyable. She has really enjoyed her first two lessons and has every intention of keeping it up. My husband and I loved her little "recital" after only one week of practise.

Thanks Alison. I'd like to make more straps but the findings to finish them off are pricey. It is actually cheaper to buy an entire guitar strap than it is to buy just the leather ends and buckle. Plus, the only source I can find has a minimum $32 shipping charge unless I place an order of more than $50 and qualify for free shipping. That would be at least 17 bands! I think maybe I had better weave the bands FIRST before I commit to buying that many findings.

Thanks Dave and Nicole. I'm always glad when a project gets a favourable response.

I don't think Kris would wear a matching belt, Shortoldlady, but maybe she would like a bag with a matching strap to hold her music books?

It doesn't require a lot of patience if you are enjoying yourself Ruinwen. Patience is reserved for doing necessary things I don't like doing.