Friday, July 24, 2009

Snowflakes in July

It's time. Not Christmas time. Not time for snow flurries. It's time that I started working on granddaughter Kenzie's Christmas stocking!

These fancy Mary Maxim stockings are very detailed and take a long time to make. If I don't want to be rushing to finish it during the madness of the busy holiday season I had better get a move on. Kaylen would never understand if her little sister didn't have a stocking to hang on her very first Christmas.

I'm still knitting on the Aeolian Shawl though. I'm working on the 11th repeat of the Yucca Chart.

Weaving also continues. At the moment the floor loom is naked but I have other projects waiting in the wings. The Potpourri Warp has been cut off and wet finished. It will eventually become cushion covers, but for now it is being put aside as an entry in the "woven yardage" category of the Chilliwack Exhibition. I'm entering quite a number of things this year. I suspect that most of my entries have very little chance of winning anything but I think its important that we support our local fair so that it will continue for many years to come.


Maggie Ann said...

You are true Entering things to support your fair. Your works will inspire many people I am sure. I am just here at my pc & printer to enlarge a pattern from 'Pretty Little Felts' a Christmas tree ornament pattern that needs to be enlarged. If I have success I'll post a pic of my little treasure later today. If! grin.~~~~ Love your Christmas stockings Mom loved to do things like that...only in plastic canvass needlepoint or embroidery. It was always fun and inspiring to see what she was working away on from week to week.

Marlene said...

I love those needlepoint stockings Maggie Ann. I considered doing that type of thing but thought that it would be way to time consuming to make one for each new family member. Little did I know that these appliqué/embroidery/beaded ones take a lot of time too! The photos in the Mary Maxim catalogue do not do them justice. They are very, very detailed. Even in my photos here many of the beads don't show up.