Sunday, July 19, 2009

Natural Anti-depressants

Inspired by Andrea's example I wanted to write a list of MY natural anti-depressants too. Once I got rolling I found that it would be easy to list more than just ten. I encourage you to list your own favourite 10 natural anti-depressants here in the comments......and on your own blog if you have one.

1. A long nature walk.
2. A vigorous gym workout.
3. A hug from someone who understands.
4. The companionship of a dog.
5. Completing a successful project.
6. A smile....given or received.

7. A conversation with an exuberant child.
8. A quiet moment going within.
9. Brightening someone else's day.
10. Counting your blessings.


Enjay said...


AlisonH said...

Love love love the picture. Her smile says joy like nothing else.

Maggie Ann said...

A nice list. So many things are restful. Your little granddaughter is so sweet! My list could be similar to yours...with prayer added in. =)

dragon knitter said...

i find that gardening with my mp3 player to be amazingly relaxing. i can go out there, and lose myself for atleast 45 minutes, and i come back in feeling more connected and together than i've been in a while