Monday, July 27, 2009

Snow Front

I searched and searched through the pile of felt looking for "piece #3, snow" which was to be decorated with sequins and beads and then appliqu├ęd onto the tees and sky. I was looking for something small and snow mound that curved bit bellow the trees there.

It took me a while to realize that almost one entire sheet of felt was "piece #3, snow". Nearly the whole front of the stocking is "piece #3, snow" and it was labelled with a tiny number 3 below the bottom outline.....nowhere near the snow mound shape I thought I should be looking for.

It's kind of nice having that whole large background piece in place. Now to start in on the layers and layers of dimensional, embroidered, sequined, beaded and appliqued pieces that make these Mary Maxim stockings so special.


Nicole said...

Already looks pretty. I love watching you complete these. They always turn out so well.

Marlene said...

Thanks Nicole. The stockings turn out quite beautiful (even if a kit is not the most creative endeavour).