Saturday, February 19, 2011

Free Doll Tunic Pattern

Using a general description of the top down process as a start, I spent some time this week compiling a free pattern to share with other knitters.

My first attempt was stalled one sleeve short of completion when the ball of yarn I was using would not cough up another matching colour section for the second sleeve.

The local yarn store I bought it from was completely out of this colourway of Mini Mochi yarn, so I resorted to public begging . . . . . well, not really, I simply asked on Ravelry's "sell or trade" stash page and a kind hearted Ravelry member has been good enough to send the needed yarn. When it arrives I'll be able to finish version #1.

I learned enough doing that one to make a few pattern revisions while I knit the second one in a different colourway. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and I have a third one nearly finished.

Free PDF pattern for "Top Down Raglan Tunic For LittleFee":download now


Rachael said...

This is awesome!!! I may have to make one just for fun!

Marlene said...

I say go for it Rachael. And then order youself a LittleFee to fill it. ;)

Teddy said...

It really is a gorgeous little jumper-dress (as we'd call it in England). I've added the print-out of the pattern to the "Doll-knits" folder that lives in my knitting bag.


Marlene said...

Thank you Teddy! Considering it was your run through of the technique that got me started that is very comforting praise indeed.

Anonymous said...

This little jumper dress looks so cute, I am gonna have to knit two - one for my Bonnie and one for my friend's Lily :o) Thank you for sharing