Wednesday, February 02, 2011

While We Wait

We got a tracking update this morning that says Pumpkin (Fairyland LittleFee Leah) is out for delivery.

As soon as she heard, Peanut ran around gathering all of Pumpkin's coming home stuff together. She says it's very important that we make her buddy feel welcome, and nothing says welcome home quite like having your eyes and wig right there waiting for you as soon as your box opens. Well....clothes too, but according to Peanut they're not as important as eyes and hair.

So now she's standing there, all nervous, waiting and listening for the delivery truck.

Every few minutes she thinks she hears something and she runs to the window.

And when it turns out to be the garbage truck or a neighbour's car she sadly goes back to waiting.

"Oh....Is that her?"

And back to the window she runs!

Only to be disappointed yet again.

Do you think maybe I told her too soon?


Christine said...

Perhaps she needs something to distract her, like new pyjamas or a wee colouring book. I must say the view of green grass out of your window is much nicer than the all white view from mine.

kristo said...

so freakin' cute!!!

Tirsden Frozenrayn said...

d'awwwwww! so very cuuute <3

I have that same bunny, I love the scale for tinies. XD

Mo Manning said...

that's SUCH A cute photostory! Can't wait to see your box opening!

Ruinwen said...

I love these adorable! :)