Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tiny = Big Fun

I'm borrowing my daughter's itty, bitty Fairyland Pukipuki Darjeeling for fittings while I come up with a doll clothing line for my future Etsy shop. The "credit card" beside her is for size reference. She's not quite 4.5 inches tall.

I'm sure having a lot of fun with her. Although it can take a bit of time, it doesn't take much fabric or yarn to make an outfit for a doll this size. An 8" x 2" scrap of fabric was more than enough for the skirt portion of this dress. The hard part is finding prints in a small enough scale.

Marina, I think this was one of the scraps you sent.


kristo said...

So cute! Clover isn't going to want to come home.... she gets to wear way nicer clothes at "Grandma's".

blablette said...

such a darling!!!!!
your dress makes her even cuter!!!!