Saturday, February 12, 2011

PeptoBismal Socks

I named these the PeptoBismal Socks for what I think is an obvious reason. My daughter gave me the yarn when she was doing a destashing.

I'm guessing maybe bright PeptoBismal Pink isn't one of her favourite colours.

I don't mind a blinding shot of pink in my day once in a while. I find it cheerful on a grey and rainy day. . . . . . and we get plenty of those around here!

The yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts Hand Dyed Yarn and the colour is E=MC2. Pattern is my usual plain, 2 at a time, toe-up, on one long circular.


Jen said...

That color is awesome! (And so are the socks!)

joe said...

what fun! a bit on the pink side for my tastes, too...but, hey! everyone is entitled to their own bit of heaven, right? besides, i've never been known to look a gift horse bearing yarn in the mouth either! makes me want to get out a pair of my wip socks and get to knitting again!