Saturday, January 07, 2012

Minifee Knitting

Though I am still plugging along on getting a collection of knitting patterns for Pukifee/Lati Yellow dolls ready for publishing, I couldn't resist a bit of celebratory knitting. In late December I ordered a new, larger doll, a Fairyland Minifee.

She won't arrive until late February or early March and then must go out to have her face custom painted as I'm ordering her "blank". So yeah, I do have a lot of time to get a homecoming outfit ready for her.

But when I received a collection of Minifee sized knitting and sewing patterns for my birthday I just could not resist taking an evening to knit up something quick and easy.

This is the "Romantic Cropped Cardigan" pattern by Cynthia Berrier. I'm thinking of pairing it with a simple dress with an empire waistline.


Jen said...

What perfect little stitches!

Marlene said...

Thanks Jen, but they are not even close to the smallest that I go. The little Minifee crop top is sock weight yarn. I'm knitting a slouchy beret for a smaller doll right now using a very fine laceweight cashmere and 1.5mm (US 000) needles. Now THAT is tiny!

Rachael said...

I so enjoy your miniature knitting and your photo stories. How tall are your fairies anyway? I assume they are fairly small.

Marlene said...

Rachel, I'm guessing you meant the ones with the big elf ears? They are the RealPukies, Mr Magoo and Ms Muffet and are my smallest at just 9.7cm tall (just under 4 inches). Mr Magoo's sweaters barely fit on the tip of my thumb.

Next size up is only slightly bigger, Petunia is a Pukipuki and she is 11.2cm (4.4 inches).

Then there is Serenity, the Pukifee, and she is 15.5cm (6.1 inches).

The largest I own at the moment are the two LittleFees, Peanut and Pumpkin and they are 25cm (9.84 inches).

In between there somewhere is the little "anthro" mouse, Hickory Dickory. He's a Doll Factory Pet Ari Bobo and his body is about the same size as the Pukipuki but his head is a lot larger so it makes him slightly taller overall.

The doll I have on order is a mature figured Fairyland Minifee. She'll be about 16 inches tall. I'm really looking forward to knitting for her because she can wear sweaters designed for women if I just do them 1/4 scale. That means a pattern that calls for 18 stitches over 4" would be knit for the doll at 18 stitches over ONE inch instead.