Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wovenflame’s Simple Pull On Pants for Pukifee

The actual pattern piece for these simple pull on pants is included in a knitting pattern collection available on Ravely for $8.95 US as a PDF download. Look for:


Cut two pants pattern pieces from lightweight cotton or, for a denim jeans like effect, from shirt weight denim. Be sure not to cut the notches too deep as the seam allowance is only ¼” on these small pants.

Use Fray Check on all edges to reduce fraying. 

Press up the ¼” hem allowance and top stitch in place.


Match CF edges, right sides together and sew seam. Trim seam allowance to 1/8” in crotch area, and press seam open.


Press down 3/8” casing for elastic, wrong sides together.


Measure and mark a piece of ¼” elastic at 3 ¼” . Do NOT cut!


Place the elastic next to fold line, under the pressed casing, butting the unmarked end of the elastic up to the raw edge of the pants piece. Take a couple of small stitches forward and back through the elastic and both layers of fabric and leave the sewing machine needle down.


Hold onto the thread tails behind the machine---------


---------- while you stretch the elastic until your measured mark is even with the opposite side of the pattern piece.


Sew through the centre of the elastic through all layers to the opposite side. Be warned, the second the machine needle starts in motion your elastic will want to contract! That is why you are hanging on to the thread tails.

Sew a second line of machine stitches below the first. It’s decorative, but it also holds down the extra width of the casing.

Sew CB seam. Trim to 1/8” width in the crotch area. Press seam open.


Match inseams and pin at cuffs and crotch seam.


Sew, then trim to 1/8” in the crotch area. 


Press seam open. A wooden dowel is a handy tool for this task.


Turn  pants right side out.


A "tube turner" tool is wonderful for turning these little pant legs.


Ta da! You’re done!




cailyn said...

very cute pants. i'm going to make some for my incoming pukifee boy.

cailyn said...

sorry for double posting, but i forgot to say that your trick for the elastic is very helpful and definitely one i'm going to try. so much easier than trying to thread it through that little casing :lol:

Marlene said...

I'm glad you found the tutorial useful cailyn. It was an owner of a Pukifee boy that originally encouraged me to include pants in my Pukifee pattern collection. I don't like the look of knitted pants though, especially on boys! The pattern for sewn pants was my compromise.