Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wovenflame’s Tall Stockings for Pukifee

Pattern pieces for the tall stockings and the arm warmers (detachable sleeves) are in "Wovenflame's Knitting Patterns for Pukifee" available on Ravelry.

*If you have trouble with the fabric jamming down inside the sewing machine, check out the post, "Tricks for Sewing Knits". 

Turn down ¼” along the top of a piece of stretch knit fabric that is several inches wide. Using a straight stretch stitch or a narrow, short zigzag stitch, edge stitch this upper hem.


Trim the hem close to the stitching.


Now fold the fabric back on itself, right sides together, matching the top hem and any stripes in the fabric. Place the stocking pattern piece on the fold as indicated. Pin the pattern in place making sure the pins do not cross the edge of the pattern piece that is marked “stitching line”.


Stitch around the outside of the pattern piece from hem to toe.


Trim the seam reasonably close to the stitching, but not so close that there is danger of the stocking developing a hole.


Turn right side out, press



If you were careful when matching the stripes while pinning out your pattern piece, you will have a perfectly matching back seam.

Try the first stocking you make on the doll. Fabrics can sometimes vary in the amount of stretch. If your fabric has the average ability to stretch the stocking will be pleasingly snug and will stay up unaided. If it is too tight to slide over the thigh, try again, this time allowing a little more width. The pattern piece will work for Fairyland Pukifee dolls when using most stretch fabrics.

Pukifee Stockings and Arm Warmers

Wovenflame’s Arm Warmers 
or Detachable Sleeves for Pukifee.

These look really cute while winterizing a short sleeved top or dress. They are made following the same technique as the tall stockings except you must hem both the top and the bottom of the fabric piece before laying out the pattern piece.

Dress the doll in the detachable sleeves before you pull on a short sleeved top or dress for a warmer, layered look.


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