Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Day

Not unheard of, but certainly not the norm here in the Fraser Valley.


The snow was kind of pretty at first.


But now it's getting a bit ridiculous! Stop! I say. We've had enough.

Beanie for Pukifee

Serenity doesn't agree though.


She loves every last flake of it!


And wouldn't you know it? She owns seven pairs of boots and I find her outside playing in her shoes.


kristo said...

Aw, Serenity looks so cute! GREAT colour on her too. I love the sweater and hat. Gorgeous! (I think this might be my favourite and so far I've loved everything)

Fran said...

what a cutie, hope her toes don't get cold !

Melissa said...

She's such a cutie, and I agree, that colour looks amazing on her!

How is it that BC has snow, but Ontario doesn't yet? Madness I say.

Beautiful photos. :)

Randomfish said...

I wish we had even half of that snow here! LOL Serenity is clearly making the most of it... :)