Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sugar Sprinkles

It's a good thing Serenity was rooting around in the garage looking for some of her outdoor toys. Look who she found laying on the cold cement floor under the mail slot!

Serenity and Zoe

She ran and got Shannon to come and help. It wasn't long before the whole household was cooing and fawning over the sweet little baby girl.

Baby Zoe

This is Zoe, a Dollzone Christmas Baby belonging to HDoneSix. Zoe is here for a short while for fittings (and cuddles and adoration by my resin crew) while I knit a layette and several novelty hats for her.

The first of the commissioned items to be completed is a Cupcake Hat, with sugar sprinkles and a cherry on top!

Cupcake Hat for Dollzone

Maybe I should work next on the clothing for her body?

sugar 'n' spice

Nah! Too darn cute to cover up just yet. (And I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the design challenge of permanently bent and fused arms.)


icicle said...

Sleep sack!
Oh my bob, she is tiny...

Michelle said...

I don't know how you knit such a teeny, tiny hat for that sweet baby doll. So adorable. Amazing as always, Marlene.

Marlene said...

I use a lighted magnifying glass, Michelle.

cjbj said...

Yes. Sac. How tiny is she? But ever so cute.

Marlene said...

Oh yes, a sleep sack would be adorable icicle, but the commission was for a traditional layette with bonnet, booties, sachet and blanket as well as a number of novelty hats. The right arm is more of a triangle than an actual cylinder shape and the other arm is not much better. Eeep!

cjbj, she is 3 inches long, top to toe. If her limbs could be unbent she might stretch to 3 and a 1/4 inches.