Friday, September 28, 2012

Bobby's Home!!

Bobby's home, and he's as cute as can be!

Bobby says hi!

He's having a little trouble choosing his eye colour though. So what do you think? Brown?


Or blue?



Bobby and Becky

...or blue?

Loves him either way

Becky's no help, she loves her little brother either way.


kristo said...

brown! OMG, he's so cute with the brown eyes!!!

Michelle said...

I like the brown.

Fran said...

not sure if it is true "in the flesh" as it were but the blue eyes have more detail or definiton which makes me prefer them.

Kayjay said...

He's adorably cute!! Definitely brown eyes for me :)

Trisha said...

Love the brown, but with the blue he looks JUST like my grandson Alex. So I vote for blue!

Trisha said...

I love the brown, but with the blue he looks just like my grandson, Alex. So I vote for the blue.